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The Tuesday Lauraville Farmer's Market is HERE! 4-7 pm June to October. Please stop by to get your local fruits & veggies at 4500 Harford Road across from Safeway. Tuckey's, Heckel Farm and Jade Farm will all be set up and ready to greet you! Due to construction and limited space, this year only these three farms will be here.

Baltimore in the NEWS!

A new study by personal finance site SmartAsset sought to find

where homebuyers can get the best bang for their buck, and

named Baltimore among the most undervalued U.S. cities.

Charm City lands at No. 5 on the ranking, which compared 189

cities based on factors including the price of homes per square

foot and other quality of life metrics. Baltimore was given a high score for the value of its homes.

Hottest affordable neighborhood!

Hamilton is #4 in the country according to Redfin!

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Indie 900' Downhill Derby 2018

See more pictures of our annual Derby HERE

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