Mission Statement

Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street (HLMS) is a diverse community of businesses and residents joining together to create a thriving Harford Road.

HLMS is a Baltimore City Main Street program and follows the National Main Street's economic development model. HLMS is a partner of the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative (HNI) program targeting investments and stabilizing middle neighborhoods. HLMS provides quality of life experiences that retain residents and attract new neighbors, and create opportunities for businesses, the lifeblood of the community.

Vision Statement

In 2028 the Hamilton-Lauraville commercial district will be the model for the Greater Baltimore region. We achieved this unique market position by building on existing assets such as our support for community agriculture, the arts, nearby parks & nature centers and businesses. Although we are a commercial district, we are still a green community within the city – an alternative to the neighborhoods close to the harbor and suburban malls.

The Main Street Concept

Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street utilizes the Four Point Approach. Coincidentally, the four points of the Main Street approach correspond with the four forces of real estate value, which are social, political, physical, and economic. We are not overseen by the National Main Street Center and do not receive funding from them. “The four-point approach works because it gives every person a chance to be listened to, giving each a platform to do what they think is vital and important for the downtown.” Julie Irish, Program Manager, Peabody Main Street, Kansas

The National Trust Main Street Center offers a comprehensive commercial district revitalization strategy that has been widely successful in towns and cities nationwide.


Hamilton-Lauraville Healthy Neighborhoods is a program of Hamilton-Lauravile Main Street. Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative (HNI) began as an initiative to target investment in Baltimore’s “middle neighborhoods” – those areas that are relatively stable, but not too distressed, and not overly competitive. HNI is a partnership of banks, foundations, government and community organizations that helps strong but undervalued neighborhoods increase home values, market their communities, create high standards for property improvement and build strong connections among neighbors and schools.

Hamilton-Lauraville Healthy Neighborhood include Arcadia, Beverly Hills, Hamilton Hills, Lauraville, Morgan Park, Moravia-Walther, and Waltherson.

Hamilton-Lauravile Main Street is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your generous support enables continued work in our neighborhood. Thank you.