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Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street (HLMS) Board Meetings

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HLMS Board of Directors

Board Officers

Thomas Creegan, Community Member

Vice President
Jean Farnsworth, Community Member

Rich Marsiglia, Community Member

Gregory Adamo, Community Member

Executive Director
Daniel P. Doty, Staff

Board Directors

Committee Meetings


Co-chairs: John Harris

Meeting date/location/time: Inquire for in-person meeting dates


Chair:  Tom Creegan

Meeting date/location/time:  Flexible meeting schedule / 3015 Harford Road / 6:30

Inquire for in-person meeting dates


Chair: Jean Farnsworth

Meeting date/location/time: Meetings often combined with other groups


Chair:  Julie Bent

Meeting date/location/time:  Project-driven meetings online and in person  

Inquire for in-person meeting dates

Healthy Neighborhoods Advisory Committee

Krista Cushman, Neighborhood Marketing Coordinator

Hector Torres, Realtor and Resident

Jody Landers, Realtor and Resident 

Maria Nai, Realtor and Resident

Stephanie Bamberger, Realtor and Resident

Inquire for in-person quarterly meeting dates

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Hamilton-Lauravile Main Street is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your generous support enables continued work in our neighborhood. Thank you!