Holidays on Harford

December 18, 2020

friday night @ 6:15pm

Santa and his entourage are visiting Hamilton-Lauraville!

Everyone is encouraged to wait on the sidewalk on Harford Road or from your home to wave to Santa starting at 6:15pm. Feel free to bring signs, musical instruments, or noise makers to welcome Santa.

Please remember everyone must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Only members of the same household are allowed to wait in clusters. The Grinch will come check your masks and make sure you are following safety procedures!

Santa's route:

~Depart HARBEL (5807 Harford Road) at 6:15 pm

~Go south on Harford Road

~Stop at 4700 block for a few minutes

~Stop at 4300 block for a few minutes

~Turn left on Parkside Drive

~Turn left on Walther Avenue (northbound)

~Head to corner of Walther and Southern Avenue

~Stop at Walther Gardens (3501 Southern Avenue) for a few minutes

~Head north on Walther Avenue

~Turn left on Echodale Avenue

~Turn right on Hillen Road/Perring Parkway

~Turn right on Hamilton Avenue

~Turn left on Walther Avenue

~ Turn left on White Avenue

~Turn right on Harford Road

~ Turn right on Glenmore Avenue

~ Turn right on Sefton Avenue

~Turn right on Mary Avenue

~Return to Harford Road and HARBEL

Please be patient as the exact times will depend on many factors.