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Hamiltone Music- 3015 Hamilton Avenue. Sells guitar supplies. Walk-in shopping by appointment.

Four Hour Day Lutherie- 4305 Harford Road. Sells handmade instruments like luthers and ukuleles, and wood items. By appointment. Offers classes and concerts.

Baltimore Woodwind Repair - 4307 Harford Road. Repair shop.

Found Studio Shop- 4337 Harford Road. Sells art, cards, artisan and handcrafted items.

#Clifton Upholstering & Design Co Inc. - 4506 Harford Road. Interior Design. Furniture upholstering, Repairs and restorations.

Best Upholstery Company - 4530 Harford Road. Furniture upholstering shop.

Rubin Harris Inc - 4603 Harford Road. Furniture design and manufacturing studio

Wax Atlas Record and Stereo Exchange- 4708 Harford Road. Vinyl lover's paradise.

*#AllState - 4711B Harford Road. Insurance company.

Mucheez Smoke Accessory Shop - 5009a Harford Road.

*#Trison Fashion - 5136 Harford Road. Fabric and clothing store. African and American attire for all ages.

Lakein's Jewelry - 5400 Harford Road. Five generation family business. Jewelers and watches store.

CVS - 5407-17 - Harford Road. Drug store, health and beauty products, groceries and household products.

Books & News Hamilton News Mart - 5438 Harford Road. Provides a variety of magazines and newspapers you might be looking for.

#The Raven's Beak - 5422 Harford Road. Visual art, handmade jewelry, leather journals, and more. Check the hours or by appointment.

Hopkins Beauty Supply - 5501 Harford Road. Cosmetics & beauty supplies.

Lincare - 5522-26 Harford Road. Medical supplies and equipment.

*TNAT Holistic Wellness Center- 5525 Harford Road. For the mind, body, and spirit. Sells books and wellness products. They offer classes and events too.

Grace Medical Equipment Supplies- 5718 Harford Road.


Louthan Distilling - 4251 Harford Road. Focuses on using local resources. Not open to the public.

Four Hour Day Lutherie- 4305 Harford Road. Sells handmade instruments like luther and ukuleles by appointment. Offers classes and concerts.

The Payne Woodshop -5419-21 Harford Road. Beautiful household wood items. No storefront so call for an appointment.


7 Eleven - 4912 Harford Road. Go-to convenience store for food, snacks, and beverages.

Royal Farm Store - 5232 Harford Road. Offers snacks, coffee drinks, freshly made sandwiches and more.