City Neighbors Charter Schools

Northeast Baltimore is home to three City Neighbors Schools (public charter schools). Our vision of education is based on seeing the children as creative, independent, and filled with possibility. City Neighbors Schools are designed as parent teacher cooperatives. We believe that through project-based learning, arts integration, and inspired by Reggio Emilia, our students achieve success academically, socially, and emotionally.

Our Three Schools

City Neighbors Charter School

City Neighbors Charter School (CNCS), our founding school, (est. 2005) is a thriving K-8, serving 216 students. Serving as a teacher training site, our founding school is known throughout Baltimore for the project based, arts integrated, quality work of our students and teachers.

City Neighbors Hamilton

City Neighbors Hamilton, (est. 2009) is a K-8 school. City Neighbors Hamilton is known for its thriving culture of arts integration and parent involvement.

City Neighbors High School

City Neighbors High School (est. 2010) will serve 360 students and is known for its unique advisory model that assures that every student is “known, loved and inspired academically.” We are the first truly progressive high school in Baltimore City.

Our schools offer a wide array of clubs, elective, and opportunities for our students including dancing, basketball, cheer leading, jazz band, foreign exchange, internships and many more.